2017 50 Most Beautiful

Chris Esparza
Chris Esparza
McAllen, Texas
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Chris Esparza loves two things: staying active and eating ramen.

The athletic Lone Star State native has played on kickball and dodgeball teams in the District ever since he graduated law school.

But even the best athletes have their setbacks — and his “Charlie Brown” moment, as he calls it, came during this year’s Mother’s Day game.


“I accidentally tripped and fell on my back. My roommate’s mom ran up to me over and started cheering for me like, ‘It’s OK, sweetie!’” Esparza says.

“No one ever strikes out in kickball ... and I got a strike.”

Esparza, who serves as counsel for the House Natural Resources Committee, is a ramen enthusiast who raves about Daikaya in Chinatown.

“I’ve had to introduce a bunch of new friends to it because I go so often. They don’t want to repeat with me ... so I’m constantly going there with someone new.”

— Cate Martel