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Marilinda Garcia
Marilinda Garcia
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Marilinda Garcia's past as a professional harpist was a key factor in her quick rise in New Hampshire politics.

"In the New Hampshire legislature, you don't have microphones at your desk or anything like that," the former state lawmaker says.

To address the legislature, speakers have to go to the well and project their voices to be heard.


"Wouldn't you know, a lot of people find that intimidating. For me, talking is way easier than playing the harp," Garcia explains.

"I ended up taking leadership roles and being more of a presence than I might have ordinarily.”

Despite losing a 2014 House bid, she still found her way to Washington as a lobbyist for the Libre Initiative.

Garcia says she loves her job and the city, but she has other aspirations as well.

"I would love to have a gelato bar someday," Garcia, whose mother is Italian, says.

— Rafael Bernal