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Hallie Jackson
Hallie Jackson
Yardley, Pa.
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The toughest part of barre class for NBC News White House correspondent Hallie Jackson isn’t necessarily the planks and push-ups — it’s breaking a sweat every time she’s pulled away from her cellphone.

“It’s a little stressful to put down your phone in a little cubby and spend an hour with a barre teacher, but like, you know that it’s good for you,” Jackson says. Yet, she admits, “I have anxiety about it.”


But the cabernet-loving journalist — who also enjoys biking and says she might start pedaling her way to work from her downtown D.C. pad — is weighing a workaround, so she can get her news fix during her workout.

“I’m considering getting an Apple Watch just so I can sneak glances to make sure I’m not missing anything during class.”

— Judy Kurtz