2017 50 Most Beautiful

Steeve Simbert
Steeve Simbert
Washington, D.C., and Haiti
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Steeve Simbert is at ease both in the halls of Congress and on the ballroom dance floor.

The congressional legislative assistant for Rep. Dwight Evans (D-Pa.) has won dozens of ballroom dancing competitions nationwide — and it's his secret to staying fit and happy.

“Dancing is the heart of life and light,” he likes to tell his friends.


The determination and search for perfection that's made him a star on the dance floor also helps career-wise.

Simbert knew little English when he moved to the U.S. after the 2010 earthquake in his native Haiti. But he went on to graduate from Georgetown and Oxford.

As hard as he works in the halls of Congress, there's no way to keep him away from the ballroom floor.

“One of the best gifts you can have is a fabulous dance partner," Simbert says. "Then, there is no limit to where dancing might take you.”

— Justin Gorton