2017 50 Most Beautiful

Athena Jones
Athena Jones
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As a high school and college sprinter, Athena Jones routinely dashed from place to place. Now, Jones, one of CNN's White House correspondents, is chasing news at a pace even she admits can be turbo-charged.

“You can never really rest,” Jones exclaims, when asked what she loves about her gig.


She’s on the move even when she’s off the clock, running and spinning several times a week. But Jones has an energy-boosting trick.

“I don’t drink a lot of coffee. I try to hold off on drinking caffeine daily, so it’ll have more impact when I really need it. That’s my secret.”

Another key to her success? Going to a California boarding school.

“It was an environment that I thrived in — very competitive but also very supportive,” she says.

“It probably prepared me for college and for Washington,” she adds, laughing, “Although Washington is more competitive than supportive.”

— Judy Kurtz