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Which cat Advent calendars are best?

Counting down the days to Christmas with an advent calendar is a fun tradition and can be even more fun when you share it with your feline friends. A cat advent calendar lets your cat enjoy a special gift each day as you count down the days of December. These advent calendars for cats are full of kitty-friendly goodies such as flavorful treats, catnip-stuffed toys and jingle-bell balls. If you’re looking for an all-around fun and high-quality cat advent calendar, the FalvaiCreative Cat Treat 24-Day Advent Calendar is the purr-fect choice.

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What to know before you buy a cat Advent calendar

There are a lot of advent calendars for pets available, but many of them focus on dogs rather than cats. If you’re looking for a feline-specific advent calendar, there are things to consider, such as the type of advent calendar your cat would enjoy and whether or not you plan to reuse it year after year.

Type of advent calendar

You can find cat advent calendars with both edible treats and non-edible goodies such as toys. 

Edible cat advent calendars come with treats for your cat stuffed inside each day’s compartment. However, your cat may find their way inside the calendar when you’re not looking, so you may need to store it out of reach when it’s not time to open a new day’s treat.

Non-edible cat advent calendars usually hold a curated collection of cat toys. These are great calendars for cats who aren’t as motivated by food or who may need a new batch of toys to enjoy for the year ahead. Catnip toys may be overwhelming for some cats, while others may not care for them much, so pay attention to how your cat behaves with each toy and adjust their toys accordingly.


While many cat advent calendars are disposable, there are some designed to reuse year after year. Reusable advent calendars often come with 12, 24 or 25 bags or boxes you can store then re-stuff each holiday season. Since these calendars are reusable, they tend to be more of an investment with heftier price tags. However, they allow you to customize what you give your cat each day, making your cat’s advent calendar a more personalized experience, not to mention eco-friendly.

What to look for in a quality cat Advent calendar

Number of days

Some advent calendars have 24 compartments, which offer something for every day in December through Christmas Eve. Some calendars have 25 compartments to include Christmas. You can also find smaller advent calendars that have 12 compartments to celebrate the “12 Days of Christmas.”


For calendars with treats, consider any allergies or sensitivities your cat has as well as any favorite foods they have. Consider the quality and quantity of food in the calendar. More premium cat advent calendars may come with whole meals for your cat to enjoy each day, while simpler calendars may hold a few treats per day.

For calendars with toys, consider what types of toys your cat enjoys and whether or not they appreciate catnip. While most cats react to catnip, some don’t like it at all, and that may be a turnoff if catnip toys come in your advent calendar.


Pay attention to the number of calories in your cat’s advent calendar treats. Larger or dense treats may have more calories, so you may need to adjust your cat’s regular food accordingly.

How much you can expect to spend on a cat Advent calendar

Most cat advent calendars range in price from $15 to $30. More expensive options can vary between $30 and $50 or more, depending on the contents, number of days and quality of materials.

Cat Advent calendar FAQ

Are the cat treats in cat Advent calendars safe for your cat to eat?

A. Most likely yes, but check with your veterinarian for more details on your specific cat’s dietary needs. Many cat advent calendars come from reputable cat-food brands or with a clear nutrition label. If your cat has allergies or food sensitivities, read the labels carefully. Keep in mind that cat treats that are safe for adult cats may not be appropriate for kittens to eat yet. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian.

Should you get a cat Advent calendar with treats or with toys?

A. Choosing the best advent calendar for your cat depends on what activities your cat usually enjoys. For food-motivated cats, advent calendars containing treats may give them the biggest reward. Cats that love to hunt, pounce and stalk may enjoy more toys than treats. If your cat loves both treats and toys, you can find advent calendars that contain both.

What are the best cat Advent calendars to buy?

Top cat Advent calendar

FalvaiCreative Cat Treat 24-Day Advent Calendar

FalvaiCreative Cat Treat 24-Day Advent Calendar

What you need to know: This cat advent calendar provides a full 24 days of fun for your cat, including both treats and toys in a gingerbread house-shaped box.

What you’ll love: Cat treats fill the first 23 days of this cat advent calendar. The treats are single-ingredient, freeze-dried bites made of turkey, chicken and cod. The door for day 24 holds a special handspun felt toy ball. The presentation of the advent calendar is unique, standing up as a 3D gingerbread house.

What you should consider: Shipping is not included in the price.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top cat Advent calendar for the money

Merry & Bright Holiday Feline So Festive With Cat Toys 25-Day Advent Calendar

Merry & Bright Holiday Feline So Festive With Cat Toys 25-Day Advent Calendar

What you need to know: This advent calendar offers 25 days of unique Christmas-themed cat toys at an affordable price.

What you’ll love: The variety of toys includes a mix of plush toys stuffed with catnip and a mix of jingle balls, crinkle balls and yarn balls for kitties of any age to enjoy. Unlike other cat advent calendars, this one includes 25 doors so your cat can open up a gift on Christmas Day.

What you should consider: If your cat isn’t excited about playing with stand-alone toys like balls or jingle bells, this may not be the best choice for you.

Where to buy: Sold by PetSmart

Worth checking out

Frisco Holiday 12 Day Advent Calendar with Toys for Cats

Frisco Holiday 12 Day Advent Calendar with Toys for Cats

What you need to know: This indulgent cat advent calendar includes a 12 days of fun surprises for your cat to enjoy.

What you’ll love: If your kitty loves plush toys, they’ll love this advent calendar. Each day of the 12-day calendar includes a new toy of various festive shapes. Plus, the design looks just like a holiday tree and is sure to match the rest of your decor.

What you should consider: Some may be looking for a better variety of products in their calendar.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy


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