ObamaCare’s public approval rating continues to slide down as more people rate healthcare as one of the largest problems facing the country, according to a new poll. 

A Gallup poll released Wednesday found disapproval for the healthcare law has spiked to a year high of 55 percent. Only 40 percent of people currently approve of the law. 


The increase in disapproval comes as 19 percent of people see healthcare as the most important problem facing the country — a 7-point spike since October. Only dissatisfaction with government ranks higher with 26 percent. 

The economy, jobs and the deficit also rank in the top five.

In an open-ended question, 37 percent of people said they disapprove of the healthcare law because of government interference. 

But there is also indication that more people are turning away from the law after reports that millions on the private market are receiving cancellation notices on their coverage. 

Eleven percent of people said they disapprove because they lost insurance. Another 7 percent disapprove because they think the president lied about what the law said. 

President Obama has apologized to those who have lost insurance after he repeatedly claimed if people liked their health insurance they could keep it under ObamaCare. 

Obama has tasked his administration to come up with a fix. But Democrats still hold that many people losing insurance will be able to find better coverage through the newly created health exchanges. 

Problems plaguing the HealthCare.gov website are also a reason for the public’s disapproval. Eight percent say they disapprove because it is a big mess, while another 8 percent blame their disapproval on the poorly designed website. 

Twenty-five percent of those who approve of the law do so because it makes healthcare more accessible. Another 15 percent say they support it because it is the right thing to do. 

The poll surveyed 1,039 national adults and contains a 4 percentage point margin of error.