Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R) declined to say Sunday whether he would run for Senate in New Hampshire but predicted that Republicans would win back the Senate. 

Asked about a possible Senate run on “Fox News Sunday,” Brown said, “Well, obviously I'll be making some obviously very important decisions in the near future, and I'm not doing it today, so let's move on.”


There has been wide speculation that Brown will run for Senate in New Hampshire, especially after he sold his Massachusetts house and deleted “MA” from his Twitter name.

Brown also expressed his support for an issue the current Senate will face when it returns from recess, the extension of unemployment benefits, as long as it's paid for. “My mom is on welfare,” Brown said. “There is a safety net. It's not a lifelong entitlement. Find a way to pay for it, and then find a way to phase it out and incentivize people to get back to work.”

Sens. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.) have proposed a three-month extension of the benefits while Congress works on a longer-term plan. Brown predicted that extension would pass.

Though he would not say whether he would try to join them, Brown did argue Republicans would win control of the Senate in 2014. “Republicans take over the Senate based on ObamaCare, the poor economy and a lack of trust for the Democrats and how they're handling both of those issues,” he said.