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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) insisted Friday that the criminal investigation against him has already been dismissed, saying many in the media are looking at the case "backwards."

In documents unsealed Thursday, prosecutors accuse Walker and his aides of a concerted effort to sidestep campaign finance laws and to illegally coordinate with some outside groups, including the Wisconsin Club for Growth.

"Many in the national media, and even some here in Wisconsin, are looking at this thing backwards," Walker said on “Fox and Friends.” "This is a case that has been resolved. That not one but two judges have said is over, and we are just learning about it because it became open in a document yesterday. But there is no argument there."


When asked if his circumstances mirrored those of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), who faces his own scandal, Walker said, "There is no doubt that the media jumps on this, some on the left spin this. We get our detractors out there trying to claim there is more than there is."

Walker, who is up for reelection this year, is also a potential candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. 

He has not been charged with anything, and two judges have stopped the investigation after finding that the state law that prevents coordinated campaign activity does not apply in the case because the outside groups did not spend money specifically to tell people how to vote, according to The Associated Press. 

However, the case has been appealed to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.  

"There are two objective judges, third parties removed from the executive and legislative branch, both of them have looked at this information, both have said there is not a case here," Walker said. "And in fact have taken it so far as to tell the prosecutors to stop."

Walker blamed the investigation on blowback from his attempt to take on state unions. With his reelection bid this year, Walker said he would have to counter the attacks all over again. 

"They are looking for ways to come at us," Walker said. "They will continue to do it. They did it two years ago in the recall election. They are going to do it again now. We've got another tough election this fall. And so they are going to come at it with just about everything out there. And the media, at least many in the media, are willing accomplices. But the facts in the case are pretty clear."