Sen. Mary LandrieuMary Loretta Landrieu11 former Democratic senators call for 'meaningful reform to Senate rules' 10 Democrats who could run in 2024 if Biden doesn't Cassidy wins reelection in Louisiana MORE (D-La.) launched a blistering new attack against her runoff opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), portraying him as “nearly incoherent."

Using footage from a May 31 speech, the ad shows Cassidy stuttering, saying “um” or shouting words without any apparent context.


“But his record is crystal clear,” a narrator says in the ad. It then accuses the House Republican of supporting cuts to Social Security to pay for tax breaks “for millionaires like himself.”

It is Landrieu’s first ad of the Louisiana runoff, which the vulnerable Democrat is largely facing without outside help. The Democratic National Committee cancelled a multi-million dollar ad buy last week as her chances of keeping the seat dimmed.

Landrieu, who has become the prime target for the Republican National Committee (RNC), faces an uphill battle against Cassidy.

The RNC dove head first into the race, mobilizing more than 300 staffers to help with the ground game and buying up hotels and car rentals across the state.