Mitt Romney will speak at the Republican National Committee's winter meeting in San Diego on Friday in another sign that he is serious about a presidential run. 


The speech will be Romney's first since news broke on Friday that he is looking closely at another run. That original announcement came in a closed-door meeting of donors. 

The remarks will come on the USS Midway aircraft carrier, lending an impressive backdrop to the speech. 

Romney has been pushing hard in recent days to line up former donors and aides for another run, and speaking to the party's meeting is a chance to bring that effort to a wide circle. 

It remains to be seen how much support Romney will get beyond the world of donors and former aides that have urged him to run. 

Other likely Republican presidential contenders, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and neurosurgeon Ben Carson, are also slated to address the RNC meeting. 

Romney's speech comes toward the end of the meeting, on Friday.