2014 midterms most expensive on record
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With $3.77 billion spent, the 2014 elections were the most expensive midterm elections in history, according to final tallies from the Center for Responsive Politics.


Though the most expensive, fewer Americans donated money in the 2014 midterm elections than in the cycle before — 773,582 donors gave at least $200 last year, compared to 869,602 donors in 2010 for a decline of more than 96,000 or 5 percent, the group said.  

Though the number of donors declined, the amount of money they gave increased. The center, which tracks campaign spending and contributions on its site opensecrets.org, said the average contribution from individual donors rose to an all-time high of $2,639, compared with the $1,936 average in 2010.

Republican and conservative outside groups also outspent Democrats and liberal outside groups last November, $1.766 billion to $1.722 billion.

Republican House and Senate candidates also outspent their Democratic opponents, while Republican National Committee spending topped the Democratic National Committee's spending as well.