Moderate Dems to unveil policy agenda
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A group of moderate Democrats will unveil a policy agenda on Wednesday aimed at reshaping the party's message headed into the 2016 election cycle.

Members of the New Democrat Coalition will unveil the proposal, the first of its kind in its nearly 18-year history as an organization, during a press conference Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. on Capitol Hill, said an NDC spokesman.


The Hill first reported on Monday that moderates were preparing the proposal. 

There is tension between moderates and the Warren-wing about whether to pitch a more centrist or progressive platform to voters in the 2016 cycle.

Moderates are raising concerns about Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann WarrenOvernight Health Care — Presented by Partnership for America's Health Care Future — ObamaCare premiums dropping for 2020 | Warren, Buttigieg shift stances on 'Medicare for All' | Drug companies spend big on lobbying Mellman: Trumping peace and prosperity On The Money: Waters clashes with Trump officials over 'disastrous' housing finance plan | Dems jump into Trump turf war over student loans | House passes bill targeting anonymous shell companies MORE (D-Mass.) and her supporters' rhetoric against big business and Wall Street. Progressives are concerned the party will move too close to business.

Adam Green, who co-founded the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), told The Hill the party should follow the Warren wing.

"There is a rising economic populist tide in America — and the path to success in 2016 for Democrats is to campaign on a popular Elizabeth Warren-style agenda," Green said.

Green said that "those who refuse to name villains are usually being paid by those villains, and voters can sense it."

"The public wants leaders with the courage to stand up for the little guy while calling out bad actors — like the Wall Street bankers who broke the law, wrecked our economy, and hurt millions of people's lives," Green said. 

But former-Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D), who founded the progressive Democracy For America, told The Hill that Warren is "right on policy, but the rhetoric needs to be toned down."

“Our program cannot be 'soak the rich' — that's a mistake and alienates middle class people. But on substance, the Warren wing is correct,” said Dean.