Ingraham: Senate should consider impeaching Obama over Iran talks
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Influential conservative radio host Laura IngrahamLaura Anne Ingraham90 percent of full-time Fox Corp. employees say they're fully vaccinated: executive Texas lt. governor faces backlash after claiming unvaccinated African Americans responsible for COVID-19 surge Fox News requires employees to provide vaccination status MORE said Tuesday that Congress should consider impeaching President Obama if he doesn’t bring any deal he strikes over Iran’s nuclear program to the Senate for ratification.
Speaking with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record,” Ingraham said the Senate must consider “extreme measures” to stop the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran and twice referred to impeachment as “the ‘I’ word.”
“MSNBC and all of these others [will say] she mentioned the ‘I’ word,” Ingraham said.
“All I will say is, if there is a consensus in Congress that this is one of the most critical national security issues we will face, and he doesn’t go to Congress, then you can just throw up your hands and say the Constitution doesn’t mean anything, or you write a letter, you put public pressure on him,” Ingraham continued. “Or you have to consider your ‘I’ word alternative.”
Forty-seven Republican senators signed an open letter to Iran warning that any deal President Obama strikes with Iran on its nuclear program could be at risk once he leaves the White House.
The White House is furious with Senate Republicans, saying the GOP is undermining the negotiations on a deal to scale down the Iran's potential to build nuclear weapons at a critical juncture in the talks.