Heritage Action CEO: Conservatives 'sick' of the GOP
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The chief executive of the Heritage Action for America super-PAC said on Sunday that conservative voters are weary of the Republican political establishment.

Michael Needham argued that the GOP is alienating its base by ignoring its concerns.


“Most Republican voters hate their party, and that’s what needs to be addressed,” Needham told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

“People are sick of this,” he said of the political process. “It’s a game.”

Needham charged that GOP presidential candidate Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpA better VA, with mental health services, is essential for America's veterans Pelosi, Nadler tangle on impeachment, contempt vote Trump arrives in Japan to kick off 4-day state visit MORE is gaining traction with Americans because he is a political outsider.

Trump’s freedom from Republican leadership, he added, is winning him potential voters.

“Donald Trump is a symptom of a party who has decided they will govern based on special interests,” Needham said.

“The reason Donald Trump is getting enthusiasm is that he’s ticking off all of the right people,” he said of establishment Republicans.

“If you can identify the crux of cronyism in Washington, D.C., that’s how you start building trust,” Needham added.

Needham’s comments come as Republicans consider one of the largest presidential fields in recent memory.

The Heritage Action for America CEO said on Sunday that the party’s eventual nominee is the contender who best represents true conservatives.

“There’s going to be a candidate who says it’s time for us to change,” Needham said.

“That candidate is going to be someone who unites traditional Republicans, the Tea Party, independents and even former Democrats,” he said.

“This isn’t going to be the same drill we’ve seen all over again,” Needham added of the 2016 race.

Trump is currently leading the race for the GOP’s presidential nomination in national polls.