Senate Dems outraise GOP in 2015
© Greg Nash

The Senate Democrats' campaign arm raised $5.1 million in December, topping Republicans by approximately $2 million.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) raised $51.6 million during 2015, but still has $3.4 million in outstanding debt. Its Republican counterpart, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), has no debt on hand and hauled in nearly $41 million in 2015.


“These resources will allow us to support our outstanding class of candidates as they face millions of dollars being spent by Republican dark money organizations,” DSCC executive director Tom Lopach said in a statement. “We have the energy and momentum to win back the majority and once again have a Senate that fights for middle class families.”

Despite being outpaced in fundraising, the NRSC has a slight cash advantage of $11.7 million cash on hand compared to the DSCC’s $10.8 million. The DSCC lowered its debt from $5.1 million last month.

Senate Democrats and Republicans are in a heated battle for the majority this cycle.

Democrats need to net five Senate seats in 2016 to regain a majority in the upper chamber — unless they retain the White House. Then a net gain of four seats would give them the majority, with the vice president breaking a 50-50 tie.

Democrats are considered to have an advantage in that they are only defending 10 Senate seats, while the GOP is defending 24 seats, including several in swing states such as Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.