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Sanders: Clinton is cozying up to Obama to win black votes

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accused rival Hillary Clinton of closely embracing President Obama to win support from the black community.

“You know, Hillary Clinton now is trying to embrace the president as closely as she possibly can. Everything the president does is wonderful. She loves the president, he loves her and all that stuff,” Sanders said in an interview with BET News.

{mosads}”And we know what’s about. That’s trying to win support from the African-American community where the president is enormously popular.

The Vermont senator said he had a lot of respect for the president, calling Obama “a friend,” but noted the two have had disagreements in the past.

“We have worked together. I think he has done a great job in many respects. But you know what? Like any other human being, he is wrong on certain issues,” Sanders said.

A campaign official for Clinton, Obama’s former secretary of State, said she is “proud of President Obama’s work,” as is most of the party.

“It’s disappointing that Senator Sanders thinks the only reason a Democrat would be proud of President Obama’s work would be a political ploy to court African American voters. We know Senator Sanders believes the President has shown failed leadership, but like Hillary Clinton, most Democrats have a different view,” the spokesman said.

On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Clinton is cozying up to the president so his administration won’t prosecute her for using a private email account and server as secretary of State.

“I think she’s being totally protected,” Trump said at a rally in Sumter, S.C.

“Do you ever notice the way she’s acting with Obama now? ‘The president is right about this. The president is right about that. Oh, the president doesn’t want to do this.’ I mean, did you ever hear her so solicitous? I mean, you know why. Tell me why. That’s right. She doesn’t want to get indicted.”

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