Hecklers were thrown out of a campaign rally Friday after shouting questions about Benghazi at former President Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonThe Democratic Donald Trump is coming Emmet Flood steps in as White House counsel following McGahn departure Dershowitz: Obama, Ellison have 'special obligation' to condemn Farrakhan MORE.

A video of the incident shows a man standing in the crowd introducing himself as a Marine and detailing his service record. As he spoke about the Veterans Administration, Clinton tried to interrupt and ask, "What do you think should be done about the VA?"
The man then pivoted to Benghazi.
"And the thing is, we had four lives in Benghazi that were killed and your wife tried to cover it up," he said, drawing loud groans and boos from the rest of the crowd that drowned him out.
The man continued to talk about his record in the military as a drill instructor. Clinton replied "Thank you for your service," trying to interrupt.
"OK now can I answer?" Clinton asked, as the man continued uninterrupted.
"This is America, I get to answer," he added as the crowd again tried to drown the heckler out with applause and shouting.
"I'm not your commmander in chief anymore, but if I were, I'd tell you to be more polite," Clinton quipped.
"And I wouldn't listen," the man shouted back as police officers began to escort him out.
"If you'll shut up and listen, I'll answer," Clinton said. "That's whats wrong, his mind has been poisoned by lies and he won't listen."
A woman filming the incident on what appears to be a cell phone then began to shout at Clinton as well.
"Hillary lied over four coffins," she yelled.
"Are you going to let me answer?" Clinton asked after more shouting. "Why are you afraid to listen to my answer?"
"No I'm not afraid, because I know you're going to lie," she replied.
The woman continued to yell as she was escorted out.
"You're watching too many movies," an audience member said to her on her way out.
"Yeah you need to watch some movies," she fired back.
Watch the entire incident in the video above.