Bernie SandersBernie SandersWarren calls for US to support ceasefire between Israel and Hamas Prominent Muslim group to boycott White House Eid celebration over stance on Israel-Gaza violence Biden speaks with Israel's Netanyahu again amid ramped-up strikes in Gaza MORE has support for an unlikely source: A famous Wall Street investor.

Asher Edelman, the inspiration for the character Gordon Gekko in the Oliver Stone film “Wall Street,” was asked who would be the best presidential candidate for the economy in a Friday CNBC interview.

“Bernie Sanders,” he said. “No question."


“If you look at something called velocity of money, you guys know what that is, I presume — that means how much gets spent and turns around — when you have the top 1 percent getting money, they spend five, 10 percent of what they earn. When you have the lower end of the economy, they spend 100 or 110 percent of what they earn,” Edelman added.

“As you’ve had a transfer of wealth to the top and a transfer of income to the top, you have a shrinking consumer base basically and you have a shrinking velocity of money.

“Bernie is the only person out there who I think is talking at all about both fiscal stimulation and banking rules that will make the banks begin to talk about lending again as opposed to speculation,” he said. “So from an economic point of view, it’s straightforward.”

According to The Daily Beast, Edelman was shadowed by actor Michael Douglas and director Oliver Stone in the 1980s and was the inspiration for Gordon Gekko, a fictional banker who became a pop culture symbol of greed.