Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich said on Saturday that Senate Republicans should meet with President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick GarlandMerrick Brian GarlandFeinstein to GOP: Show some heart to Kavanaugh accuser Dem senator praises Ford opening the door to testifying Budowsky: Kavanaugh and the rights of women MORE.


"I never thought the president should send it because I knew nothing was going to happen," Kasich told CBS’ “Face the Nation” in a taped interview set to air in full Sunday. “Frankly, they probably ought to all sit down and meet with the guy."

"My feeling is, at the end of the day, whoever gets elected president should be in a position to be able to pick, you know, who they want and the American people will either decide by voting for a Republican or Democrat what the makeup of the court is," Kasich said. 

He suggested that if he’s elected president, he would consider nominating Garland.

"Well, you know, he received, you know, overwhelming support, I think even from Sen. Hatch, so of course we'd think about it," Kasich said. "The way we do it, John [Dickerson], is we look at a person's record. I want a conservative who's not going to make the law but who will interpret the law and somebody of high standing. I don't care about their peccadilloes, you know, 30 years ago.”