WV Dems call for resignation of DNC chair
© Greg Nash

West Virginia Democrats joined in on a call to end the role of unbound superdelegates in the Democratic primary process and also showed support for the resignation of Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 


According to reports from the state convention Saturday, delegates passed a resolution urging the DNC to eliminate the "un-democratic and un-American" role of superdelegates or bind them to the results of states' primaries by 2020.

A resolution from a group of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie SandersBernie SandersThe Memo: Unhappy voters could deliver political shocks beyond Trump Democratic senator will introduce bill mandating social distancing on flights after flying on packed plane Neil Young opposes use of his music at Trump Mount Rushmore event: 'I stand in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux' MORE delegates that calls for the resignation of Wasserman Schultz — arguing that she has harmed the party by creating distrust in the process and failing to turn out voters — also passed.

The resolutions are non-binding, and it is ultimately up to the national party to make any changes to leadership or the process. 

Wisconsin Democrats passed a similar resolution in favor of abandoning superdelegates last weekend.