The Republican presidential nominee has spent the past few days making an appeal to African-American voters. He seems to be refining the message, and in the latest in a series of scripted speeches on Saturday, he acknowledged the GOP's struggle to win over black voters. 
"I fully recognize that outreach to the African-American community is an area where the Republican Party must do better. The GOP is the party of Lincoln, and I want our party to be the home of the African-American vote once again," Trump told supporters during a rally in Fredericksburg, Va. 
It's the fourth consecutive speech in which Trump has specifically called on African-Americans to join him. 
During a Friday night rally in Michigan, Trump similarly claimed that Democrats have been taking advantage of African-American voters. But he framed his argument in a much harsher light, asking black voters what they have to lose by voting for him. 
"You’re living in poverty; your schools are no good; you have no jobs; 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?" Trump said Friday.
"At the end of four years, I guarantee you that I will get 95 percent of the African-American vote, I promise you, because I will produce for the inner cities and I will produce for the African-Americans, and the Democrats will not produce, and all they've done is taken advantage of your votes."
Trump's poll numbers with African-American voters have been dismal. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from earlier this month showed him getting just 1 percent of the black vote to Clinton's 91 percent.