Trump polls ‘Hannity’ crowd on mass deportations
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Republican presidential nominee Donald TrumpDonald TrumpTrump criticizes Justice for restoring McCabe's benefits Biden: Those who defy Jan. 6 subpoenas should be prosecuted Hillicon Valley — Presented by LookingGlass — Hackers are making big money MORE on Tuesday informally polled the audience at a Fox News-hosted town hall on the issue of mass deportations of undocumented immigrants.


"So you have somebody who's been in the country for 20 years, has done a great job, job and everything else and OK — do we take him and the family, and her and him or whatever and send them out?" Trump asked the audience during an event with Fox News's Sean Hannity, set to air Tuesday night, according to excerpts.

"Or somebody really has — Sean, you know, it's called like the merit system, other than they did break the law in the first place. OK? It's a little unfair. ... We're gonna let people come in anyway. They'll come in legally. We're gonna let people come in anyway. Not gonna have an impact. So, do we tell these people to get out, number one, or do we work with them? ... I'm just curious." 

Trump asked the crowd who wanted such people removed from the country.

"By the way, no amnesty, no citizenship. This is like the poll ... this is sort of like a poll, and this is what I'm getting all over the country."

Trump said he plans to come out with a decision "very soon" on the issue of deportations.

"The bad guys are out of here. Now that one we know," he added. "They're going to be out of here even faster than you could throw them out. They're going to be out."

The real estate mogul said everywhere he goes, he's getting the same reaction from crowds.

"They want toughness, they want firmness, they want to obey the law," Trump said. "But, but, they feel that throwing them out as a whole family where they've been here for a long time, it's a tough thing. They do feel that."