German authorities release men after flight threat scare
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German police released three men who were suspected of terrorism by a fellow passenger on a flight Saturday.

A passenger on the EasyJet flight informed the plane’s flight crew of a potential “terrorist conversation” between three British men on the flight.


The pilot diverted the flight and landed the plane at Germany’s Cologne airport, where passengers were evacuated and the three men were arrested.

Authorities went so far to shut down the airport in response to the potential threat.

One of the men arrested was carrying a book with a picture of a gun and the word “kill” on the cover. Another one of the men had a backpack full of chargers and adapters that police detonated in case of danger.

However, after a thorough search of the plane and interviews, authorities did not find evidence of suspicious activity.

The incident comes after a series of terror attacks have occurred in western Europe, most recently in central London and the northern English city of Manchester.