Colbert: Trump is the first ‘racist grandpa president’

Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert spoke out against President Trump on “The Late Show” Wednesday night, comparing him to Adolf Hitler and an old racist grandfather for his refusal to condemn Nazis and white supremacists.

“There is only one thing I no longer have any doubt about,” Colbert said. “You showed us who you were. Everywhere in this country, people were horrified. North, South, Republican, Democrat, top, bottom, sweet, sour.”

Colbert chastised Trump for his statement on Tuesday, when the president blamed people “on both sides” for the violence that erupted at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend, noting that former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke praised the remarks.

“David Duke complimenting your courage — that’s like Jeffrey Dahmer complimenting your cooking,” Colbert said, referring to the cannibalistic serial killer who murdered, raped and ate 17 people.

{mosads}”He means well, but it’s a little upsetting,” Colbert said.

Colbert then said that Congress doesn’t even need to begin hearings to investigate the rise of white supremacy in America.

“They don’t need to hold hearings,” Colbert said. “If they want to talk to white supremacists, they can just call the White House switchboard.”

Trump has received widespread criticism for his remarks Tuesday.

After initially refusing to name white supremacists as the instigators of the attack and violence between neo-Nazi groups and anti-racist protesters on Saturday, Trump gave a statement on Monday condemning Nazis and white supremacists by name. 

On Tuesday, however, Trump backpedaled and said “both sides” were to blame for Saturday’s violence. He said there were “many good people” marching with the Nazis during a rally organized to protest the removal of a Confederate statue and that blame should be shared. 

“Donald Trump drove America’s moral leadership right through the guardrails by saying some of the people bearing torches with the Nazis were just good Joes,” Colbert said in response. 

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