Pro-Trump rally and Juggalo March will happen on same day in DC

A pro-President Trump rally that has declared itself the “Woodstock for the silent majority” and "Mother of All Rallies (M.O.A.R)" will take place on the same day as the Juggalo March on Washington.

Juggalos, the name for fans of the Insane Clown Posse rap group and related musicians, are often easily identified by their cartoonish black-and-white clown face paint.

They have had their Sept. 16 march on Washington to protest the FBI's classification of Juggalos as a gang planned for months now. There’s already discussion in the Facebook event group about what could take place if the two rallies join forces or cross paths.

“I just found out that this is on the same day as the ‘biggest trump rally; they will be at the mall.. I think we should show them what America is esspecially after charlettesville…,” one Juggalo fan wrote in the Facebook event.

The Juggalo march is set to begin at the Lincoln Memorial, then theoretically march down the mall. The opposing pro-Trump “Mother of All Rallies” will begin on the mall.

According to Consequence of Sound, M.O.A.R organizer Tommy Gun said that the rally isn’t specifically pro-Trump so much as “pro-American culture” and has extended an invitation to anyone who considers themselves a “patriot.”

However, the M.O.A.R event website boasts images of people wearing “Right wing death squad” t-shirts, waving Trump flags and making the "OK" hand gesture, which has become known as an identifying symbol to white supremacists.  

Both rallies are set to begin around noon.