Keith Olbermann rips the National Rifle Association (NRA) in a new video, calling the gun rights group “a terrorist organization.”

Olbermann said on his GQ show “The Resistance” that the NRA enables mass shootings like the one that took place in Las Vegas.

He quoted Richard Nixon’s conservative Chief Justice Warren Burger, who said the gun lobby’s interpretation of the Second Amendment is a “fraud on the American people.”


“Keep and bear … do not mean ‘own,’ period,” Olbermann said. “The Second Amendment is gun-control from an era where the gun was a musket, and not an automatic killing machine that could be bought and stashed on the 32nd floor of a hotel in order to shoot people 500 at a time.”

He also slammed President Trump, saying the president’s expression of  “warmest condolences and sympathies” is not sufficient for the epidemic of gun violence.

“It is time to end the career of a politician who made his way to the White House dog-whistling to his ‘Second-Amendment people,' ” Olbermann said, referring to a phrase Trump used on the campaign trail.

The comedian Michael Ian Black echoed Olbermann’s view on Twitter.