A gigantic, anti-President Trump Halloween display is turning heads in Connecticut.

The pirate ship-themed exhibit, dubbed “The Trumpian Ship of State” and erected by Matt Warshauer, takes up nearly his entire front lawn in West Hartford.

Among the features of the potentially scare-inducing set-up: a smoke-breathing Trump holding a sign with “The Mad King” written on it, a skeleton version of former FBI Director James Comey walking the plank of the ship, gun-toting Russian skeleton sailors and a child bearing a “DACA” sign waiting to be booted off the vessel.


“I think that Trump and most people that surround him are pillaging this country like a bunch of pirates,” Warshauer, a history professor, told Fox 61.

“I’m more fearful and disheartened for the future of this country than I’ve ever been in my life, and I’ve been studying political history for a long time,” he said.

Warshauer said it took 10 friends and family members to help create his politically charged annual Halloween display.

“As a historian, one of my goals is always to educate people and try and at least begin conversations,” Warshauer told the station.