A Democratic Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate released a campaign ad this week that shows her breastfeeding her 4-month-old baby.

In the ad, titled “Our Girls,” Kelda Roys speaks about her  work on a bill to ban the chemical BPA from baby bottles when she was a state representative.

During the ad, Roys’s husband hands her their child, whom she breastfeeds and holds while continuing to speak about her political experience. The ad also features her older daughter.

Roys told HuffPost that the breastfeeding shot was not originally intended to be included in the ad.


“Anybody who’s ever had a baby can tell you that they are unpredictable,” she said. “I just did what I have been trained by her to do, which is to immediately grab her and feed her, and I just sort of didn’t think about it.”

She said that she has had “tremendous support” in response to the ad, including from Republican women. 

But she added that she has also received negative feedback from “some haters and internet trolls.”

“Some men just feel, I guess, entitled to comment on my body,” she said. “But the story of 2018 isn’t about internet trolls. The story of 2018 is about women rising up.”

Roys, 38, is one of at least a dozen Democrats running in hopes of unseating GOP Gov. Scott Walker. She told HuffPost that being a mother is a “big reason” that she is running for governor.

“I cannot have my children growing up in a world where we don’t value public education and we are destroying natural resources,” she said. “What sets me apart from the rest of the field is not that I have a baby, but I have a track record of getting things done, of accomplishing progressive policies for people of this state.”