If Rep. Chet Edwards (D-Texas) is going to survive in his heavily Republican district this fall, he likely needs ads such as the one his campaign just released. 

The 30-second spot takes aim at his own party's leadership in Washington, opening with the words, "When President Obama and Nancy Pelosi pressured Chet Edwards, Chet stood up to them and voted 'no' against their trillion-dollar healthcare bill."

The ad notes the longtime congressman votes with "the conservative Chamber of Commerce 67 percent of the time," and touts the candidate's endorsement from the National Rifle Association's Political Victory Fund. 

"When Washington liberals wanted to take away our guns," the ad's narrator said. "Chet said no." 

It's another spot to add to the increasing number of centrist Democrats who are running away from their party in Washington ahead of November's midterms.

Last week, President Obama said he gets the fact that the message for some congressional Democrats this fall might not reflect the priorities of his administration, noting "that's how political races work."

Edwards's district is one that will serve as a pretty good indicator of just how large Republican gains will be this fall. 

Given the nature of the district — it's the most Republican district in the country that's represented by a Democrat — it's a top GOP target and like most Republican challengers across the country, Bill Flores is trying to tie Edwards to the Democratic leadership in Congress. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee has already run an IE ad against Edwards, taking a shot at his self-proclaimed independence by noting that he voted in favor of both the stimulus and financial bailout bills.