The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $9 million in June and now has $17 million cash on hand — a net gain of $5 million for the month.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also raised $9 million for the month.

Officials at the NRCC said June was its best monthly fundraising performance in four years and touted it as a sign of things to come.

The committee is now going into "fundraising mode," Pete Sessions, NRCC chairman, told reporters Tuesday. "The NRCC has raised more in January to June of this year than we did all of 2009."

The NRCC edged the DCCC by about $2 million in the second quarter, bringing in a total of $21.2 million since April 1.

Sessions said its numbers are "supportive and indicative" of a backlash against the Democrats' agenda.

"This is a referendum on the success of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi," he said.

Still, Sessions said he expected to be outraised by the DCCC, which has $33.7 million banked for the general. "We learned in '06 money isn't everything," he added, noting the GOP significantly outraised the Democrats that cycle but still lost control of the House.

[The NRCC had a cash-on-hand advantage of $2 million going into the final two weeks of the 2010 midterms. But it was outraised the DCCC by some $12 million in 2006, when both committees brought in close to $100 million by Election Day.]

Sessions's deputy, Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), said the GOP is now "getting traction" in races from Arkansas to Oregon.

"Remember, 18 months ago we Republicans were treated like mold, not really alive but you couldn't kill us either," Walden said. "A lot's changed in 18 months."

--Updated at 5:38 p.m.