Former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) denied Wednesday he is engaged in an effort to oust Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. 

In an interview on ABC's "Topline," Coleman said, "There is no effort to replace Michael Steele" before November.

"The pundits can talk about the leadership of the RNC, they can talk about fundraising, a whole group of things, but the bottom line is we’re all working together," he said. "I’m working with Chairman Steele. We’re going to have a very good November if we stay focused on issues such as the economy, national debt and health care."

However, Coleman didn't rule out a bid for RNC Chair next year.

Coleman, who lost reelection to Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) in 2008, now heads American Action Network, one of a handful of conservative independent expenditure groups bucking up Republican candidates across the country in 2010.

On the primary defeat of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (D-Alaska), Coleman expressed surprise and said he expected Rep. Mike Castle, who's running for Senate, to survive a challenge from conservative commentator Christine O'Donnell later this month.