Republican groups embraced the spooky spirit on Monday, using Halloween-themed attacks to blame Democrats for a ghoulish economy.

"This Halloween, Democrats are dressing up as themselves," blasted a release from the National Republican Congressional Committee. "The Democrats’ job-destroying policies make a frightening costume."

The NRCC then pointed to comments House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made over the weekend about Democratic economic initiatives and her support for a National Labor Relations Board decision forcing a Boeing plant to shutter in South Carolina over union issues.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee sent a memo to reporters saying they had planned to send out a statement about "Obama's Haunted House," but were thwarted.

"Unfortunately, the house was foreclosed on due to the Obama Administration’s policies and we will therefore spare you from any additional Halloween themed references," wrote RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer.

On Monday, when asked at an American Enterprise Institute event which of his GOP opponents he would dress up as for Halloween, White House hopeful Herman Cain thought for a few moments before answering: "I believe I would go as Ron Paul," his rival from Texas.