The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) had its best month of the fundraising cycle in January, raising $5.1 million.

The month is the best in years for the committee, which spent $4.8 million and has nearly $13 million cash-on-hand.

It also paid down more than $400,000 in debt — the DSCC has $833,000 in debt, left over from the last cycle.

"Despite momentum on the other side, our committee and our candidates are raising strong amounts and will be well positioned to face any headwinds in November," DSCC spokesman Eric Schultz said.

UPDATE: The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has announced $5 million raised, which is just less than the DSCC's total. Republicans had $10.65 million cash-on-hand and no debt.

The montly total is also the best this cycle for the NRSC.

NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh said: "I’d also note that this record monthly total for the cycle comes despite the NRSC maintaining a very low fundraising profile, unlike our DSCC counterparts, in the days prior to the special election in Massachusetts."