The Democratic National Committee (DNC) outraised the Republican National Committee (RNC) $13 million to $11.4 million in March.

The RNC noted that its total was a midterm-year record for March. The committee, which has been plagued by a high burn rate, banked less than $2 million of what it raised and upped its cash on hand to $11.3 million.

A cash-on-hand number from the DNC wasn't immediately available, but it had $10.7 million on hand at the end of February.

It appears both parties got a significant boost from the health care debate.

"Since the last days of fund raising were done around passage of healthcare reform, it's clear supporters of reform were more generous than opponents,' DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse said.

The DNC's total is especially encouraging for its supporters; the RNC's numbers came largely before the recent scandal over a reimbursed expense at a bondage-themed nightclub in Los Angeles.