An Iowa student who attended Monday night’s Democratic presidential town hall event said the question he asked Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonRepublicans seem set to win the midterms — unless they defeat themselves Poll: Democracy is under attack, and more violence may be the future Popping the progressive bubble MORE was submitted to no candidate in particular.

Conspiracy theories have been floated online suggesting the question at the CNN event was a plant — in part because of comments made by the student when he posed the question.


Brett Rosengren, who identifies as an undecided voter, asked the Democratic front-runner which past president inspired her. 

He stumbled on the question, accidentally calling Clinton “Sec. Sanders” — a reference to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is Clinton’s rival for the nomination.

“I can see why they gave you this question,” Rosengren then said, referring to Clinton.

After the forum, Rosengren said that the network didn’t provide him with the question, but that CNN decided to have him ask Clinton.

“It was my own question that I had submitted on Saturday night and directed towards any candidate,” Rosengren told US Uncut. “They chose that candidate to be Clinton.” 

The forum gave Democratic candidates’ one last chance to deliver their final pitches to voters in the Hawkeye State one week ahead of the caucuses, where Clinton and Sanders are locked in a tight race.