Clinton to slam Sanders’ gun-control record in final Iowa push
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Clinton will highlight a series of votes by Sanders, including opposition to the Brady bill that mandated background checks, and support for a bill to keep gun sellers from being legally liable for gun violence.
“As President Obama stated last month, Americans should vote based on a candidate's record and willingness to take on the gun lobby,” the campaign aide said. 
“Unfortunately, throughout his career, Senator Sanders has failed to meet the President's test. When it mattered, he has been a consistent vote for the NRA.”
Clinton has repeatedly broached the topic this month, trying to attack Sanders from the left on gun issues.
Sanders’ campaign has responded that Clinton has been inconsistent through her career on the issue.
They have also drawn comparisons between Clinton’s attacks in this race and her controversial attacks of then-Sen. Barack Obama on the 2008 campaign trail.
Sanders, Clinton and surrogates have a breakneck schedule in Iowa ahead of Monday’s caucuses. In addition to Giffords and Kelly, Clinton has events Saturday with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and her daughter Chelsea Clinton.
And Sanders has scheduled events with Dr. Cornel West and several rock music acts, including Vampire Weekend and Foster The People.