Sanders was asked during Thursday night's Democratic presidential debate on PBS whether "race relations would be better under a Sanders presidency than they’ve been."
“Absolutely," Sanders replied, "because what we will do is instead of give tax breaks to millionaires, we will create millions of jobs for low-income kids so they are not hanging out on street corners."
Sanders's comments exposed him to potential attacks from the Clinton camp that he is denigrating the first black president, though the Vermont senator didn't mention Obama by name.
Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted, "Now Sanders is promising to do more to improve race relations than President Obama? #DemDebate."
Clinton, who is trying to win over Obama's coalition of African-American and Hispanic voters, was more careful than Sanders to avoid critiquing Obama's management of race relations. 
Clinton was asked why she thinks race relations would be better under a Clinton presidency than they have been under Obama.
The former secretary of State rejected the premise of the question, saying she didn't agree with the assessment that Obama had not been good for race relations. 
She said the Obama administration had helped poor people get insurance and that Americans were now "seeing the dark side of the remaining systemic racism" due to more cameras on cellphones exposing police brutality.