Clinton obituary notice prompts Secret Service report
The man, who identified himself as Don Schubert, filed the obituary notice Friday with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the newspaper reported.
The notice listed Clinton’s date of death as Saturday — the day of the Nevada Democratic presidential caucuses.
He was asked to leave the building and was later reported to the Secret Service by the Review-Journal.
The man was seen leaving the newspaper’s parking lot in a maroon Toyota Prius with several Sanders campaign stickers, and the newspaper said he was wearing a Sanders sticker on his shirt. 
The official Sanders campaign website also lists “Don Schubert’s House” in Long Beach, Calif., as a volunteer phone bank site, the Review-Journal reported.
Contacted the by Review-Journal on Friday evening, Schubert said he had been contacted by a Secret Service agent, who said he could be arrested but that the agency was not planning to do so.
He also said the obituary was an attempt at “political humor.”