Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, led his supporters in a singing of “This Land is Your Land” as his rally in Summit, Ill., wrapped up Friday night
The Vermont senator slammed Trump for taking advantage of people's anger, blaming him for the violence that has been springing up at rallies.
“There is anger. But just because there is anger, he is helping to foment that anger. You don't call Mexican rapists or murderers or drug dealers," he said, according to a local ABC affiliate.
Trump was forced to cancel a rally Friday when massive protests spilled into the arena where he was set to speak. 
Several fist fights broke out in the arena on live television and, according to multiple reports, five people were arrested. After the rally was canceled, protesters continued to clash with disappointed Trump supporters.
Trump refused to take any responsibility for the unrest, saying the protesters were demonstrating out of anger at "economic conditions," not anger at him or his campaign.
The real estate mogul also blamed President Obama for causing much of the anger and argued that he'll be able to unite people as president.
"President Obama has not been a unifier, he’s been a divider," Trump said in an interview with Fox on Friday night. "I’m a unifier, I’ll bring people together."