Top Arizona newspaper endorses Clinton
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In the endorsement, the Arizona Republic lauded Clinton’s political resume, calling her one of the most experienced candidates ever.
“Hillary Clinton deserves her due,” the editorial reads. “Not just because she has risen higher than any woman in American politics, but because she is by far the most experienced candidate of any of those running in either party this year. In fact, she is one of the most experienced people to ever run for president.”
The editorial ran through her long and storied political accomplishments, from graduating Yale Law School as a top student and representing New York in the Senate for eight years to serving as secretary of State under President Obama for four.
He has ignited young people and made Clinton a better candidate, but his days are numbered, the editorial said, adding that his proposals that would add trillions in new spending.
The Arizona Republic also endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the Republican race Friday.
The state’s primary is Tuesday.