Sanders: Unlike Clinton, I never bought the case for the Iraq War
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“Secretary Clinton and I have a strong difference of opinion regarding foreign policy,” Sanders said at a rally in Baltimore. 
“The most important foreign policy debate in the modern history of this country took place in 2002 over the war in Iraq. I listened very carefully to what President Bush and Dick Cheney and the others had to say. I did not believe them, I helped lead the opposition.”
His attacks drew loud cheers and chants from the audience. Sanders added that politicians at the time did not consider the consequences of the aftermath of the invasion.
“Secretary Clinton heard the same evidence that I did; she voted for that war,” he said. “As secretary of State, she initiated and helped lead the effort to help overthrow the government of Libya, which brought mass instability to that region.”
Sanders also noted Clinton’s support from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.
“I believe that force sometimes has to be used,” Sanders continued. “But force should be the last response to our foreign policy, not the first.”