President Obama has asked his supporters to recommit to backing his beleaguered organizing operation in 2015.

“I'm not done,” he said in a message from Organizing for Action (OFA), which was created from the remains of Obama’s 2012 campaign operation to marshal support for the president's initiatives.


“No matter how much partisan gridlock gets in the way or how powerful some special interests seem, I know we can keep making real, lasting change,” he said.

The message includes a link to a form that allows backers to pledge their support to the group for 2015 by entering their email address and zip code.

The outside group has had a difficult 2014.

OFA had to pull back its fundraising efforts amid fears that they would take away from the Democrats' midterm fundraising. In October, the group announced that its director was being replaced.

The group’s role is also uncertain as Obama looks to cement his legacy during his final years in office.

He will likely be working to publicize improvements to the economy in the years ahead, as well as defending his signature healthcare law from attacks in a Republican-controlled Congress.

OFA was designed to help the president pass his legislative priorities, so it remains unclear what its role will be as Obama's time in the White House comes to a close.