Ohio GOP House candidate Steve Stivers will hold a fundraiser with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) next week, Stivers’s campaign tells The Ballot Box.

Stivers and Schwarzenegger will team up to raise money on March 5, in an event that will also benefit the state GOP.

Schwarzenegger visits the Columbus area annually for his yearly Arnold Sports Festival. The city is a former home to the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest, where Schwarzenegger made his name by winning six straight titles and then served as a promoter.

“He’s very popular in Columbus and has been forever,” Stivers spokesman John Damschroder said. “Columbus loves what he has done for the community, and he’s heavily invested in the area. He’s been very loyal in keeping things in Columbus even as he’s become a big star.”

Interestingly, the event will be held the same day former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) raises money for Ohio Right to Life. That group’s backing has emerged as a key factor for Stivers, who lost votes to anti-abortion rights candidates in 2008 and has struggled to please anti-abortion rights forces.

So while Palin raises money for an anti-abortion group, Stivers will raise money with a pro-abortion rights politician.

Democrats sought to play up that fact Friday.

"Stivers is trying to have it both ways: while he begs Ohio Right To Life for their support, he is standing with the most well known pro-choice Republican," said DCCC spokeswoman Gabby Adler.

Regardless, the event should be a provide Stivers with a nice chunk of change.

UPDATE 5:32 p.m.: NRCC spokesman Ken Spain responds to the DCCC: "The differences between the two candidates in this race couldn’t be clearer. Steve Stivers opposes federal funding of abortions as well as the unconscionable practice of partial-birth abortion, unlike Mary Jo Kilroy whose far-left stance on the issue has earned her the endorsement of a radical pro-abortion group that has poured thousands of dollars into her campaign coffers."