Outgoing Missouri Sen. Kit Bond (R) considers President Obama the worst of five presidents he's served with.

"He came in promising to make it more open and less partisan, and it's been totally partisan and totally non-transparent," said Bond, who claimed his last two years in the Senate had been the most partisan of his four-term career.

"It's because the Republicans were absolutely shut out," he said. "We had better solutions for all the problems the country was facing, but we were not able to offer those."

He continued, "I hope he [Obama] will follow Bill Clinton, who found after his first two years in office there was a major takeover of the House and Senate by Republicans, and he started working with us. The United States is a center-right country, and President Obama has been governing from the hard left."

Bond gave Obama "a bad C" grade for his first two years in office.

As to the other presidents Bond served with, he gave Ronald Reagan an A, George H.W. Bush a B, Bill Clinton a B-plus and George W. Bush an A-minus.

Turning to 2012, Bond said he wasn't enthusiastic about a potential 2012 White House under Sarah Palin.

"I have reservations about anyone who quits as governor halfway through the term," he told the Kansas City Star in an interview.

Bond instead named GOP Govs. Haley Barbour (Miss.) and Mitch Daniels (Ind.), as well as South Dakota Sen. John Thune, as potential nominees. "Those are people I think might be good."

Bond said he plans to join a law firm, which he wouldn't name, when he leaves the Senate in January.