Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hinted at a presidential bid Thursday, saying she's still weighing a run and that no one would be more qualified for the job in 2012 than "a woman."   

"I am still thinking of leading this country," Palin said in front of a group of business leaders in New York, according to CNN. "I am still thinking about it. I haven't made up my mind."  

Palin's comments came during a rare Q&A session that saw the former governor answer questions from the head of a Long Island business group for nearly an hour. 

The former governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee didn't offer a timetable for deciding on a run next year, but it's the first time in weeks that Palin has discussed a potential White House run at length.  

Palin criticized the media and brushed off a recent Gallup poll that showed her negatives above 50 percent.

"The poll you're referring to was taken after the Tucson tragedy," she said. "I don't think I ever went through more negative press than after Tucson."

The former governor was swept into a political brouhaha after the Jan. 8 shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) in Tucson, Ariz., after it was revealed her political action committee had targeted Giffords's district using cross-hairs on a campaign map for the 2010 midterm elections.

Palin acknowledged Thursday: "In a lot of these polls, I get my butt kicked." 

During her appearance, Palin laid into both President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. Palin again criticized the president's proposed budget, saying it doesn't even come close to enacting the sorts of spending cuts needed to get the nation's debt under control. 

As for the first lady, Palin said, "No wonder Michelle Obama is telling people to breast feed their babies, because the price of milk is so high right now."