Ohio may have gone Republican in 2010, but some top party leaders don't consider it a sure bet for the GOP in next year's presidential election.

Republicans have been bullish about their chances in Ohio after capturing the governorship and five House seats and retaining a Senate seat there during last year's midterm election.

Still, Ohio has long been a famous battleground state, notably in the last two election cycles, when it helped President George W. Bush retain the White House in 2004 and President Obama become commander in chief in 2008. And Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) won't rule out Obama winning there next year.

"Yet to be seen," he told ABC News when asked about the president's chances.

"I suppose as a Republican I should be saying, 'Absolutely not! You know, We're going to beat him in Ohio and stop his reelection prospects there,' " Portman said, noting the GOP's chances will depend on whether the party can demonstrate to voters that it's made progress on its campaign pledges.

"People are not looking for partisanship; they're looking for progress and results," said Portman.