Donald Trump's poll numbers won't discourage Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) from jumping into the 2012 presidential race, according to Rep. Todd Young (R-Ind.).

The New York-based businessman was tied for second in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll out Wednesday. Daniels wasn't among the contenders who registered with the 238 respondents who said they're voting in the GOP presidential primary.

"I don't know that Donald Trump has been speaking to a large and fundamental issue facing our country, I know that Mitch Daniels has," Young said on a conference call Thursday. "We'll have to hear more from Donald Trump. I know a number of people weren't taking him particularly seriously."

The freshman Republican said he plans to back Daniels, if he runs. "He's going to be my man," Young said.

Indiana GOP Chairman Eric Holcomb, who was also on the call previewing the GOP's line of attack against President Obama ahead of his Friday visit to the state, said it's "very early in the process."

"Any polling reflects just that and is heavily weighted toward name ID at this point," he said.

Trump had 96 percent name recognition by the survey's respondents.

Taking aim at the president, Holcomb called Obama's trip "politically transparent."

"He realizes what we know in that getting reelected will be tougher than [getting] elected this time around," he said. "In 2008, he was able to enjoy the ability to define himself, he had a blank slate. This time around his reelection will rest in great part with his record."