Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said Monday that if she decides to jump in the 2012 race for president, "anybody can look at my birth certificate. I could care less."

Fresh off another trip to the early voting state of Iowa, the Minnesota Republican encouraged 2012 candidates to "put their birth certificate on the table" in an interview on Fox News Monday night.

"This is the easiest problem to solve," Bachmann said. "The president just has to give the proof and verification and there it goes. Either it's real, or it's not."

Bachmann's comments came in response to a question about real estate mogul Donald Trump's championing of the "birther" cause on the campaign trail.

Trump, who's weighing a presidential run next year, has repeatedly called on Obama to produce his birth certificate and insists that questions over whether the president was born in the U.S. are legitimate.

For her part, Bachmann didn't specifically address Trump's recent comments, but said, "the president has offered his certificate of birth and I take him at his word." 

"Everybody should put their birth certificate on the table and not worry about it," she said. "It doesn't have to be a toxic issue. Put your birth certificate in, end of story. We have a lot bigger fish to fry than this."

Bachmann again criticized the budget deal struck last week between congressional leaders and the White House, and said she would not be a vote to raise the debt ceiling when the issue comes to the House floor. 

"This madness has to stop," Bachmann said of the impending debt ceiling vote. "What are we gonna do? Every three months raise the debt ceiling again? At some point you have to exercise fiscal discipline."

Watch the interview here.