Businessman Donald TrumpDonald TrumpCaitlyn Jenner on Hannity touts Trump: 'He was a disruptor' Ivanka Trump doubles down on vaccine push with post celebrating second shot Conservative Club for Growth PAC comes out against Stefanik to replace Cheney MORE once again called for the revenue from Iraq's oil reserves to be diverted to the U.S. Treasury and lambasted China, President Obama, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) and the press in a rambling speech Friday.

"To me its common sense, we won the war, we're going to take some oil," Trump said. "I am totally serious. ... [Iraq's] no sovereign nation." 


Trump championed this widely discredited proposal during his flirtation with a presidential run earlier this year.

The brash reality TV star also also bragged that he forced Obama to release his long-form birth certificate, which the president did in April shortly before he announced the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces. 

"Trump got him to show it," Trump said during a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition's conference in Washington. "I don't know exactly what he showed. ... It took a long time."

Trump had boasted that he had investigators digging up the truth behind the president's birth certificate, but he has never revealed any findings. 

Trump also derided the news media for "protecting" Obama.

"Nobody is protected like Barack Hussein Obama," he said, emphasizing the president's middle name. "I have never seen press that is so protective of a human being before."

He noted Obama dated his signature in the guestbook at Buckingham Palace May 2008 during his recent stop in London.

"I wonder what would have happened if [former President] George Bush signed it May of '08," he said.

Turning to Weiner's recent problematic experience with Twitter, where a photo of a male crotch was sent from the New York Democrat's account to a female college student in Washington state. Weiner denied sending the photo and maintains his account was hacked. Turmp said the photo depicts Weiner's groin. 

"Of course it was his picture, take a look at those skinny legs," he said.

Trump's meandering speech also touched on to the national debt, OPEC, South Korean protectionism, Iran and Iraq.

"We're going to leave [Iraq] and Iran is going to go and take over the oil fields," he said. "100 percent. They're going to take over the oil fields and then they're going to make a fortune."

He added: "We should take this oil ... and give a million or two [dollars] to every soldier that was severely wounded" during the war.

Trump's speech received a rousing ovation from the crowd of social conservatives.